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Laundry Detergents

Dormer are Ireland’s leading supplier of commercial laundry detergents and we stock a large range of high quality laundry products including washing powders, liquid detergents, fabric conditioners, bleaches, emulsifiers and starches at the best prices.

Laundry Detergents

Laundry Detergents

Dormer are Ireland’s leading supplier of laundry detergents and we have a large range of laundry products always in stock. Our team has the knowledge and experience to advise you on how to use the right detergents to get the best laundry results, helping you make significant efficiency savings and of course save you money.

Our laundry detergents are produced by Europe’s leading manufacturers including Buefa, Christeyns, Ideal Manufacturing, P&G and Rosch.

Our comprehensive range of laundry detergents includes:

Biological and non-biological washing powders delivering very effective cleaning results, with a lovely fresh fragrance and that flow very well.

Liquid Laundry Detergents for both manual and auto dosing, that are also gentle enough to be used on delicate items.

Fabric Conditioners that leave garments with a long lasting pleasant fresh fragrance and feeling soft to touch.

Oxidising and Chlorine Bleaches for removing even heavy stains on colours and whites.

Starches, Emulsifiers (degreasers), Colour Catchers, Odour Absorbers, Spotters plus many more products!

P&G Ariel auto dosing products

Auto Dosing Solutions for Laundry

Our auto dosing solutions includes the 

The P&G Professional range of auto dosing products comprises:

Ariel Professional Concentrated Actilift Detergent for brilliant whiteness.

Lenor Professional Concentrated Fabric Softener for long lasting freshness and exceptional softness.

Ariel Hygiene Stainbuster for gentle stain removal on coloured items.

Ariel Professional Additive for White Wash maintains whiteness and restores brightness cycle after cycle.

P&G engineers install and service the auto dosing pump system at no additional charge for use with Ariel Professional products.


Laundry Detergents | Bestsellers | Dormer

Below are some of our bestselling laundry detergents.

Non Biological Washing Powder - Taid Professional

Taid Professional Non Biological Washing Powder has a lovely fresh fragrance

Biological Washing Powder Nawamat 20kg

Nawamat Biological Washing Powder delivers powerful cleaning results

Washing Powder for Busy Launderettes - Saponmatic Forte

Saponmatic Forte is a very popular washing powder with busy launderettes

Disinfectant Washing Powder Saponmatic Hygiene

Saponmatic Hygiene Washing Powder has a built in disinfectant that is certified to kill 99.9% of germs from 60 degrees Celsius

Biological Powder with Oxidising Bleach - Sentimat Gold

Sentimat Gold with built in oxidising bleach for powerful stain removal

Sensitive Skin Non Biological Washing Powder

Prudax Sensitive with Aloe Vera is a leading non biological powder for people with sensitive skin

Emulsifier Pre-treater for Removing Greasy Stains - Oldopal Quick

Oldopal Quick is the most effective pre-treatment for removing greasy stains

Oxidising Bleach Stain Remover for Colours and Whites

Lizerna Ox is a highly effective stain remover for use on colours and whites

Non Biological Washing Powder with Oxidising Bleach - Ozerna Classic Plus

Ozerna Classic Plus non biological washing powder with oxidising bleach for very effective stain removal

Oxidising bleach powder stain remover - Coloursafe

Coloursafe is an oxidising bleach powder that is highly effective at removing stains on colours and whites

Chlorine bleach powder stain remover for whites

Dry Bleach 16 is a chlorine bleach powder which is brilliant at removing heavy stains on white textiles

Emulsifier TL is a powerful degreaser

Emulsifier TL breaks down very greasy stains. It is a highly effective degreaser

Superwhite biological powder with optical brightener for washing linen

Superwhite is the best washing powder for getting bright whites on linen

Fabric conditioner with excellent anti-static leaving textiles with a full body and soft to touch

Dormer Soft is a concentrated fabric conditioner which eliminates static and leaves garments feeling soft to touch

Liquid starch for adding stiffness to textiles - Dormer Dressing

Dormer Starch is a synthetic liquid starch which adds an extra stiff crispness to textiles


To order from our comprehensive range of laundry detergents Dormer supplies please visit www.dormer.ie now or contact us on:

042 937 2106 (from ROI) or

00353 42 9372106 (from NI)


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